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Winter Sourdough Delivery

Almost since the inception of us bringing bread to market we’ve had a cadre of sourdough fanatics asking, “How will we get this in the winter!?” While we’re not sure what sparked this paranoid apocalyptic planning for winter in the middle of June, (maybe the last season of the Game of Thrones?) as farmers, we can certainly appreciate it. And so, we are excited to announce we will be offering bread delivery in the winter!

How Does it Work?

We are setting this up as a kind of CSA for bread (CSB?) for anyone living within the Centerville, Oakwood, Kettering, or Washington Township neighborhoods. Basically, you pay up front and we deliver bread to your door every week (or every other week) from November through April. If you need an extra loaf or two on any given week, we can accommodate you if you give us  four day’s notice.


*Every Week Delivery (24 weeks): $192

*Every Other Week Delivery (12 weeks): $96


We’ll drop off on Saturday mornings/early afternoons right to your door.  We recommend leaving a cooler outside for us to drop it in.

More about our bread

Rich (one half of Foxhole Farm) started baking bread many years ago when we lived in Ithaca, NY. He saw a fellow named Lionel Poilane on the world famous Sunday Morning Show and could not resist the urge to dive into the sourdough world himself. 


After many years of tinkering until the wee hours of the morning, he has truly refined his sourdough loaf. The method he follows is an ancient one passed down through the ages, including the use of wild yeast and gentle folding. Although we now know the science behind the natural fermentation of grains, for a long time there was quite a bit of mystery and magic behind the leavening of bread and it is in that spirit that Rich bakes. Sure, there are many articles extolling the virtues of naturally leavened sourdough on the digestive system, even for those who are sensitive to gluten, but what we think is most noteworthy is the magical process and incomparable flavor! Bread has been a powerful symbol throughout civilization, it has been used in sacraments and the lack of it has toppled empires… it just. tastes. that. good. 


Our loaves freeze well.  If you still have bread to use from last week, you can wrap your new loaf well and freeze it.  To bring it back to life, you simply pop the frozen loaf in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes and the marvelous crust returns!

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