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Lettuce, carrots, and squash, oh my!  We grow a wide variety of vegetables throughout the year.  We choose varieties of vegetables from seed companies, such as High Mowing Organic seeds which are suitable to our climate and stand out as most flavorful.


We grow a variety of microgreens in organic potting soil, including sunflower greens, pea shoots, and kale micros.  Microgreens are very young, tender plants.  These are most flavorful and nutrient-dense as all of the plant's nutrition is concentrated into a small package.  Microgreens offer a fresh crunch to many dishes, smoothies, juices, etc and make for stunning and tasty garnishes.


From fresh cut herbs that you can take home to eat up throughout the week, to potted herbs that you can add to your window sill for many meals to come, we have you covered.  This year we are growing basil, parsley, dill, and cilantro throughout the season.

Floral Jellies

After discovering the array of wildflowers that grow on the farm this year, we decided to capture the floral flavors by putting together a line of floral jellies.  All flowers steeped and transformed into jelly were picked by hand on our farm.  We have wild violet, honeysuckle, and apple blossom jelly for sale while supplies last.

Spring Seedlings

When market begins in the spring, we'll bring a variety of organically-grown vegetable, herb, and flower starts to plug right into your garden.  We always encourage folks to grow what they have space and time for themselves.  Our seedlings are sturdy and selected to grow well in our climate of Southern Ohio.

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